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OLD is the new NEW – A View on Eco Smart Design

antiques signAntiques are the ultimate in Green.  When it comes to furniture, we would go so far as to say anything that is purchased second-hand is Green.    It is the reuse of an item that makes it count.

  • Antique wooden furniture was created from old-growth forests long ago. No new resources are used in its’ construction. Restoring and reusing pieces are a great way to care for the earth.
  • Off-gassing is the process of releasing the vapors that are the residue of many fine finishes. Antiques were crafted with fewer toxic products, and any off-gassing has long been complete.
  • Manufacturing plants, even the very greenest, distribute impurities into our air, waste systems, and water. New furniture requires the production of finishes, dyes, and sealants; they arrive in retail stores via large fossil-fuel burning vehicles. Carefully chosen antiques save wear and tear on the planet.
  • Even in a contemporary home, the gentle lines of antique furniture can add eye-catching details. Rather than being mass-produced, an antique you bring into your home was likely created in a small workshop by a craftsman who made good use of few resources—thus making your home truly unique.


Healthy, Eco-Smart Design Tips” From Trudy Dujardin – Holistic House – eco elegant interior design

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A picture of “near perfection”

napervilleNaperville is the top Illinois city on  Money’s ‘Best Places’ list, number 53 in the overall list of 100 cities.  A picture of “near perfection” money magazine stated.   “Community is king in Naperville, and that is absolutely the truth” said Doug Krieger, City Manager. Certainly Centennial Beach, the Riverwalk, top schools and ample jobs are factors contributing to Naperville’s success.  Money magazine used stats on job growth, home affordability, safety, school quality, health care, arts and leisure, ease of living criteria, and fiscal strength of state and local governments.  Economic data weighed heavily in this year’s rankings.
Full list is available at:  Why ask ourselves, why have a business in Naperville? We work where we live.  We like to give back to our local community.  We are in the right place at the right time.  Naperville needed a good resale and consignment store for furniture.  There was Goodwill and Walter E. Smithe and not much in between.

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