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Cybersecurity Back To School
A rewarding evening with Joe Williams (aka Jose Morales) led to great discussion about how to stay internet safe.  Have you checked your bank to make sure there is enough password security?  Great ideas to keep us safe and sound.

Links mentioned at phishing presentation:



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We had GREAT turnout

Willie Jaeger did a fantastic job showcasing upholstery and furniture painting tips and tricks for the packed audience at our last Third Thursday event!


We are sharing her handouts (see below) and you can download from our link here:     upholstery.pdf



















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Color Trends for 2013

Lucy Vokac of J.C.Licht reveals the color trends for 2013 from Benjamin Moore.  It is LEMON SORBET 2019-60!  Yellow has touched every palette of the forecast.  The trends are grouped into four categories:
1.  Fresh/COASTAL/Calm/Relaxing – inspiration from the sea with a feeling of tranquility.
2.  Eclectic/Rich/ARTISAN/Grounded – deep, rich, and cozy color which includes Silhoutte (AF-655) as a complex, mature and tailored color.  We chose this one for the new space in our store dedicated to our sourced collection.
3.  Elegant/Cozy/TRADITIONAL/Comforting – updated traditional with sophistication
4.  Crisp/URBANITE/Polished/Chic – contemporary, raw, and edgy contrast and bold color

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Can you Name It?

Antique, Vintage, and Collectible.  Oh by the way, RETRO?  Is it confusing?  Antique generally refers to something over 100 years old.  The rest of the terms are vague and mostly overused in marketing products.  We like the word vintage because it means aged – which comes with creativity and wisdom.

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A picture of “near perfection”

napervilleNaperville is the top Illinois city on  Money’s ‘Best Places’ list, number 53 in the overall list of 100 cities.  A picture of “near perfection” money magazine stated.   “Community is king in Naperville, and that is absolutely the truth” said Doug Krieger, City Manager. Certainly Centennial Beach, the Riverwalk, top schools and ample jobs are factors contributing to Naperville’s success.  Money magazine used stats on job growth, home affordability, safety, school quality, health care, arts and leisure, ease of living criteria, and fiscal strength of state and local governments.  Economic data weighed heavily in this year’s rankings.
Full list is available at:  Why ask ourselves, why have a business in Naperville? We work where we live.  We like to give back to our local community.  We are in the right place at the right time.  Naperville needed a good resale and consignment store for furniture.  There was Goodwill and Walter E. Smithe and not much in between.

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A day in the life of “Restyle” is the most fun because you never know what to expect.

Expect the Unexpected.   A day in the life of “Restyle” is the most fun because you never know what to expect.  We never know what or who will come through our door.

couchI’ve always said that this may be called a “furniture business” BUT it is really a “people business”.  It is based on real people’s lives, their transitions, job loss and gain, death and divorce, the economy,  and evaluating wants versus needs.  Every once in a while, we are treated to a special kind of person who does something for somebody else; even anonymously.  When you see a “pay-it-forward” kind of act, it is humbling.  When you think of your crummy life or your woes and difficulties, you are reminded that the world is good and right and there is balance and karma that works, you see this simple act of pure goodness and you get goosebumps.

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What about our last THIRD THURSDAY event?

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Chicago Home Show

11 HOT Items for your Home
from the recent Chicago Home Show – highlighted by DIY Extraordinaire, Lou Manfredini
(as seen on the Today Show) featuring Function, Style, and Innovation
Fish clock by aquavista $69
Jonathan Adler Wall Decals – 15.99 – 69.99
NEato robotics – pets and allergies vacuum $429
$199 iphone baby monitor;
Recipe tablet 399.99
Calibowl with lip – From 29.99
Broksonic Designer Humidifiers – $130 – $160
Create customizable Media Unit with “yube cube” $35 each (recycled bamboo and sugar cane) very stylish
Collapsible insulated baskets – for picnics
Origami wine holder – BuiltNY $25
Bike Brites – Style and Safety – colorful snap on lights for your bike

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