Customer Satisfaction

“Act the way you’d like to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”

— Leonard Cohen

customer-satisfactionWe know that customers go to where they consistently feel well-treated and appreciated.  How do we remind customers of our commitment to service, value, quality, innovation and loyalty?  We try to do this in the store everyday and also with events once/month.  In his book, TheOne Number You Need to Grow, Fred Reichheld contends that customer loyalty can be measured by asking customers a single question: How likely would you be to recommend our company to a friend?  We hear this every day – My friend, my neighbor, my wife told me to come in!  What better advertising is there?  We aren’t done yet!  We are going to do some local cable TV advertising.  Look for us over the coming weeks on HGTV, BRAVO, History Channel, and TMC.  We will be associated with shows like American Pickers, Auction Kings, PawnStars, and Storage Wars.  Many of us like these shows, don’t we?

On a side note:  Rosalee came in to the store on her first visit, just looking to get rid of a few items that sounded a little rough but great for functionality.  Since we don’t take projects anymore (we have a full room of stuff to complete), we tried to find another avenue for her. In fact, we referred her to Sharing Connections as she lives right in Downer’s Grove.  She was so thrilled that she started to leave and then turned around and plopped a $20 bill on our counter to thank us for the advice.  We tried to give it back but she wouldn’t hear of it… so we will “pay it forward”.  We are giving that money to our charities.  How cool is that?

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