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 2016 Paint Class Schedule

RELUX-Vintage, Furnishings, Paint
RESTYLE-Furniture Bought & Sold

       DIY Paint Workshop Schedule 2016

Feb    Thursday 2/11     9-11am, Saturday 2/20   1-3pm
Mar    Thursday 3/10     9-11am, Saturday 3/19   1-3pm
Apr     Thursday 4/14     9-11am, Saturday 4/16   1-3pm
May    Thursday 5/12     9-11am, Saturday 5/21   1-3pm
Jun     Thursday 6/9       9-11am, Saturday 6/18   1-3pm
Jul      Thursday 7/14     9-11am, Saturday 7/16   1-3pm
Aug     Thursday 8/11     9-11am, Saturday 8/20   1-3pm
Sep     Thursday 9/8       9-11am, Saturday 9/17   1-3pm
Oct      Thursday 10/13   9-11am, Saturday 10/15  1-3pm
Nov     Thursday 11/10   9-11am, Saturday 11/19  1-3pm
Dec     Thursday 12/8     9-11am, Saturday 12/17  1-3pm

We welcome first-time and seasoned furniture painters to this guided workshop to experience and explore chalk and clay paint in our Warrenville studio and learn different techniques including color layering, distressing, aging, enhancing, and finishes.  We provide all the materials plus you will take home a small item that you finish in the color of your choice.  The cost is $65 for two hours of instruction.  Class size is limited. To reserve your spot,  call or visit either store and pay in advance.  If you can’t makes these dates or want a private class for family and friends, we can work with you to schedule at your convenience.